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Necklace Native American Santo Jet&Turquoise 7- Strand

# WW - 7

This is a Santo Domingo heishi-style necklace of 7 strands, made predominantly with jet, while sprinkled with turquoise and white shell beads. The Santo Domingo people live within the state of New Mexico and are well-known for making fine heishi beads, as well as a pure talent for its stringing, including pattern-design. Although bold in appearance, jet is extremely lightweight in nature, so this multi-strand necklace wears like a feather around your neck. This one was obtained from Joe Atelico of Santo Domingo Pueblo, and has been finished with sterling silver cones and a generous extension chain.

overall length: 28 1/2" + 6" extender chain

2mm heishi (approximate)

Price: $265.00