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Sizing & Care

Here are some jewelry sizing tips you may find helpful before ordering your new treasure. 

If you have any questions at all please contact info@theturquoisemine.com before making the purchase.

Cuff Bracelets:

We determine our cuff  bracelet sizes by wrapping a flexible tape measure inside the bracelet. We include the gap (the space between the two end terminals).  The total measurement is the actual size we assign to it (6 1/4"  equals a size 6.25 or 6 1/4).  For your sizing take a flexible tape measure (you may also use a string, yarn, shoelace, etc.) and wrap it completely around your wrist.  Make sure it is the place the bracelet will be worn and it is comfortable. That measurement should be the bracelet size you are looking for.  If you are in between sizes always go up to the nearest 1/4". Depending on preference you can go up 1/4" to 3/4" and still have a comfortable fit. Some cuff bracelets can be open/closed in order to get a good fit (those descriptions will note that). Bracelets with stones usually cannot be modified.



The best bet is to go to a local jeweler and have your finger professionally sized.  If you are using a website with a ring sizer (from a local jeweler- for instance) make sure you print the sizing information at 100%. If you print a sizer in the  "shrink to fit" mode the size will not be correct.


Care and cleaning:

Each piece of jewelry we sell is a handmade treasure that will last for years with the proper care and cleaning.


Take care when wearing your treasure. Jewelry is an art. By all means you can wear your sterling silver  with little fear of damage, however, once you add stones, shells, pearls, inlay etc. you need to take  bit of extra care. Jewelry settings can loosen over time due normal wear and tear. It is always a good idea to check periodically for loose stones. It is a good practice to remove jewelry with stones and inlay when you are engaging in any heavy activity. Not only is your treasure more prones to bumps and bangs, but also, liquids like sweat, soaps, chlorine and detergents can discolor a natural stone and cause inlay pieces to weaken over time. In the right circumstances, jewelry can break or injure. It may take a little getting used to, but being more aware of when to remove your jewelry will help you get the longest life out of it with the least maintenance.


We feel the best way to clean your new jewelry treasure is to use a polishing cloth. Here we sell the same ones we use in the shop. Our cloth is dual sided- blue to buff and white has been chemically treated to get rid of tarnish on metals. Stones can be buffed with a chemical free cotton cloth (the blue side of the cloth). Never apply to much pressure when buffing stones as you do not want to scratch the surface. You may also store your items in an airtight plastic ziplock bag to reduce tarnish.