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Cuff Bracelets

Turquoise jewelry, cuff bracelets, treasures and more...  Native American Cuff bracelets, Indian cuff bracelets, American Indian turquoise cuff bracelets, and turquoise cuff bracelets hand crafted by local artists.  We offer Zuni cuff bracelets, Navajo cuff bracelets, Santo Domingo cuff bracelets and Hopi cuff bracelets.  We hand select all our cuff bracelets to ensure quality.  Most of our cuff bracelets items are one of a kind making them a special gift for yourself or a loved one to treasure for years to come.  Please browse our selection of cuff bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, all using sterling silver and natural minerals.  The turquoise we offer comes from many of the great mines like Kingman, Morenci, Sleeping Beauty, Royston, Blue Lander, Carico Lake.  Many cuff bracelets pieces include semi-preciouse gemstones and natural minerals such as coral, jet, amethyst, amber, emerald, onyx, spiney oyster and shells. We hope you enjoy our turquoise cuff bracelets and treasures as much as we do.  Please enjoy!